Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey

Emily awakens in a hospital to find she has been in an accident. Her husband is dead and somehow the two events are connected, and yet she remembers nothing about it.

As the story unfolds the reader is taken into the secrets of her past, some of which have followed her into the future. Some of them are probably best left buried.

Emily remembers the events leading up to the accident as a series of flashbacks. She finds herself processing flashes of information during conversations and police interviews.

Were they fighting, was she angry and did she intentionally cause the accident that killed her husband? Was there a third party involved? Emily can't remember anything at all.

I think it needs a little more direction and structure to strengthen the overall plot. It is a wee bit disjointed in places. Aside from that it had a nice storyline with a sneaky bad guy.

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