Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry

I think it is important to note that is most certainly isn't a study of or on masculinity. It is merely his very much subjective view of masculinity, masculine identity and power, which is strongly influence by his feminine side and modern feminist themes.

Rethinking our perhaps outdated perception of machoism and masculinity when it comes to men, I suppose it depends on who is doing the rethinking really.

The question is whether Perry feels he has a clearer view of the male species, because he is more in touch with his feminine side. Not only because Perry is a transvestite, but rather due to the fact he seems to be very aware of himself and others. I would say that is also the case for the new category of men in the 21st century called metrosexuals. I wonder if Perry took those men into consideration when he was writing, as opposed to the typical typecast Neanderthal like male.

Overall it does seem a wee bit of a lopsided view, albeit an often amusing one. The book starts out strong, however it does taper off towards the last chapters.

His chapter on male violence seemed a little under-researched. Hmm maybe that is the wrong word, more like not enough depth. Given his childhood and personal experiences with a violent stepfather perhaps it is a subject he would rather only skim over instead of delving into too deeply.

I think the most interesting aspect of this book is the readers it attracts, possibly everyone except the macho group it actually speaks to and refers to the most. 'Just saying'

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