Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards

If there is anything to take away from this story then it is definitely to trust your gut instinct. If it walks and talks like a duck then chances are it probably is a duck. Or in this case perhaps just a manipulative and ambitious colleague.

Sophie should have left the past where it was, despite the fabulous career prospects. Sometimes you should just leave dirty little secrets hidden instead of handing someone a shovel to dig them up.

Make no mistake Sophie seems to have plenty of sordid little mistakes and secrets she would rather forget and keep to herself. Unfortunately not everyone feels the same way, and a twisted game of cat and mouse ensues.

I must admit I was more than a little annoyed during the scene with Sophie's child. The way everyone treated her like some escaped lunatic. Her reaction wasn't odd considering the circumstances.

But then that tends to be Sophie's problem overall, the way people are very eager to accept failure on her part and assume the worst. It takes her a while to start to question everything and also herself.

Edwards does a really good job of making the reader question the whole scenario and even the main character. Red herrings galore and buried secrets are his thing.

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