Friday, 4 November 2016

Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

I've read and enjoyed Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series, and liked her ideas and writing style.

In the Soulwood series Hunter goes above and beyond when it comes to the intricate world-building and plot-weaving. It is anything other than a light and fluffy urban fantasy.

As a main character Nell is quite unusual. Growing up in a polygamist cult church and married off as a young girl to one of the elders, I'd say that is a very unusual background indeed.

Even more fascinating is the fact Nell and some of her siblings aren't human and have no idea what they are. She is inexplicably drawn to the land, as is the land to her. Her blood seems to feed the soil that surrounds her.

The team tasked with solving supernatural events has accepted Nell into the inner sanctum, but she remains wary and uncertain of the their individual motives. Saying that, there are members of the team who have developed more than a passing interest in Nell, something she is unprepared for and yet enjoys it at the same time.

It is a fast-paced story with an intriguing premise and plenty of opportunity for further development. I enjoyed the sheer depth of this read and will be following the series with great interest.

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