Friday, 10 June 2016

The Killing Files (The Project #2) by Nikki Owen

This is the second part of the series The Project by Nikki Owen. The first part is Subject 375 (it was called Spider in the Corner of the Room, but has been renamed).

I think to get a clearer idea of the whole concept and Maria's story I would suggest reading the first book. It will put the story and characters into perspective.

What I initially found really interesting about the premise was the fact the main character has Asperger's Syndrome. The first book focuses on this aspect of Maria a little more than the second book does. Her reactions, emotions, her social anxiety and the way she reacts to her surroundings is described really well.

In this book we discover the extent of the conspiracy, and just how deep this web of lies extends. Maria starts to question everything and everyone.

Sometimes it isn't evident whether Maria is in the middle of a dream, a hallucination or is actually having a real life experience. Enemies are friends, friends and loved ones are enemies or is it just possible that no one can be trusted at all.

I didn't feel as if this was as strong as the first book, perhaps because it doesn't have the same focus in regards to the Asperger's, and in general just overall.

It is still an eclectic mix of medical experimentation, conspiracy theories and murder with a side-dish of an autism spectrum disorder.

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Read Subject 375 The Project #1 (The Spider in the Corner of the Room) by Nikki Owen.

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