Sunday 12 June 2016

Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

Rose-tinted glasses come to mind when I think of Maggie and the way she perceives her husband and his actions.

In fact she is quite naive, despite being someone who deals with the absolute scum of the earth for a living. Surely a job like that should make you at least a tiny bit streetwise.

Then again perhaps her reluctance to get the police involved is an indication of criminal thinking rubbing off on her.

I mean she has a clear choice. She either calls the police and her husband could end up in trouble or she stays stumm so he doesn't. What about the safety of her children, what about her safety?

Usually Abbott writes female characters with a lot more intelligence and survival instinct. Maggie seemed way too naive and innocent, despite her job.

Although DCI Tom Douglas has appeared in other books by Abbott, this novel can be read as a standalone. New readers might find it interesting to read other books by Abbott to follow the detective and his colleagues.

What I like about Abbott is the way she doesn't shy away from uncomfortable topics, the way she doesn't pick the atypical premise or scenario, and yet still manages to get the point across.

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