Friday, 1 January 2016

Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

This dystopian novel has elements of sci-fi, speculative fiction and a bit of true love thrown in for free.

It has some really good ideas and plenty of potential. Unfortunately it didn't tick all the boxes for me, because it needs more direction. The world-building is often incomplete and full of great sub-plots leading nowhere.

Larissa spends the entire time obsessing about the death of Andrew. Somewhere deep inside she just feels it isn't true. On top of that the powers that be are pushing her really hard to sign off on his death.

The story takes the reader on a really fast ride from normality to the complete destruction of earth. Technology evolves at warp speed and Larissa goes from being in a rock band to wandering around in pseudo realities.

I was left with plenty of questions, so enough material for a sequel. Where the heck is Andrew? Dead, a bit dead, a hologram, alive and on a different planet perhaps? What happens in the Red Door programme? Are they eliminated or re-programmed?

With a little more structure and if Stewart sees through some of these creative ideas it could be a very good read.
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