Friday, 29 January 2016

Even the Dead by Benjamin Black

This is the seventh in the Quirke series, and as a first time reader of Black I am pleased to say this can be read as a stand-alone novel. You don't need a lot of background information to pick up the gist of the characters and the back-story

Quirke seems to be a magnet for women. They are drawn to him like a bee to pollen. Is it the bad boy vibe? Everyone loves a drunk vibe?
Quirke is still navigating the waters when it comes to Phoebe. Still finding his feet when it comes to being a parent. However Phoebe isn't so eager to forget the lies, secrets and the damage caused by his decisions.

This time the two of them become involved in mysterious disappearance and a not so accidental death. Both of those lead Quirke right back into the vicious arms of  an old enemy. The type of man who thinks nothing of killing someone to make a dime or rid himself of a problem.

The mystery takes Quirke and Hackett back to the nefarious baby-selling machinery of the Catholic church. Even now it seems hard to believe that some of these so-called mother and child institutions were still being run till the late 1990's. Stealing, and yes it is theft when the mother doesn't agree to an adoption, babies and young children to sell them to highest bidder. All in the name of Jesus, whilst hiding the truth behind the walls of convents.

Black mixes the upper-class elitist attitude with a bit of working class rough and the streets of Dublin. It makes for an interesting read.

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