Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl

The Emerald Comb is a story of betrayal, murder and the hidden mysteries of genealogy.

Katie, like many others since the internet has made it easier for laymen, is set on discovering more about her ancestors.

Genealogy has led her right to the front door of where her own family mystery started many years ago. The type of mystery and crime that remains a secret, because nobody knows a crime has been committed at all.

The reader is introduced to Bartholomew St. Clair, his timid fiancée Georgia and the woman who has ignited his passion, the manipulative Agnes.

The threesome become involved in a fatal collision of emotions and deceit. At one point a decision is made, which will change the face of their family in the future

Simultaneously we see Katie's own family change. In a strange way there are similarities in the patchwork construction to the family in the past, although those in the present are completely unaware of them.

It might have been better to have Agnes tell her own part of the story, as opposed to Mr St. Clair speaking for all the characters. Giving each character their own chapters for instance.

What I really liked was the realistic ending. In real life there would be no way of finding out just who is or was under the tree. In genealogy one often comes up against brick walls and unanswered questions, due to the lack of data, pictures and general physical evidence. Not knowing is therefore the more realistic ending, which the author has opted for instead of the usual happy end. A much better way to end it I think.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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