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#BlogBlitz Rocks and Flowers in a Box by Cynthia Hilston

It's my turn on the BlogTour Rocks and Flowers in a Box by Cynthia Hilston.
About the Author
Cynthia Hilston is a thirty-something-year-old stay-at-home mom of three young kids, happily married. Writing has always been like another child to her. After twenty years of waltzing in the world of fan fiction, she finally stepped away to do her debut dance with original works of fiction. Visit her website at www.cynthiahilston.com for more information.

In her spare time - what spare time? - she devours books, watches Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, pets her orange kitty, looks at the stars, and dreams of what other stories she wishes to tell.

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About the book
The wedding bells for Lorna and Tristan Blake toll doom right as the honeymoon begins with an unexpected turn in Tristan’s health. While World War II winds down, Lorna receives a letter from the War Department informing her that the brother she thought killed in action is still alive. She is overjoyed, but his return will dredge up a devastating secret about their parents’ tragic death –a secret that could destroy her new marriage and threaten her husband’s physical and mental well-being. What unfolds is balancing act of keeping the faith and shattering the pieces of the life she’s worked so hard to put back together.

Its not uncommon for people who have suffered traumatic losses to bond with others who have been through similar experiences or indeed played a part in them. There is this base need to comprehend the incomprehensible, to explain and lay out a valid reason for the inexplicable. The truth is we have no idea what's coming and can't control or determine our future. Loved ones die, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

Lorna and Tristan have travelled a long often confusing and painful path, which has led to their relationship and marriage. Both of them have tried to eradicate the truth from their lives by ridding themselves of anything that might have a memory attached to it. They can't hide the truth from Lorna's brother Chuck though.

As a family we have experienced a situation where a guilty party has been brought into the inner circle by someone who knew the part they played in the death of a loved one. We weren't given the choice, which is the mistake Lorna makes in regards to Chuck. She makes him powerless by taking away his choice. Just because she decided to forgive Tristan doesn't mean everyone else has to do so too.

The most poignant aspect of the story is redemption. Does everyone deserve a chance to redeem themselves? Are there actions, words and behaviour that can never be forgiven? If faith and love of god is the determining factor in the choice, what happens when it isn't driven by religion? Forgiveness isn't a concept owned solely by religion, but rather by each person individually. I can choose to forgive without the construct of what a higher power lays out for me.

Although the story is set in the middle of the 20th century for me this a contemporary read, as opposed to historical fiction. It has strong theological themes, and it's about faith, trust, love and above all redemption.

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