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#BlogTour And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott

It's an absolute pleasure to take part in the BlogTour And So It Begins by Rachel Abott. This is without a doubt Abbott's best book yet. It is the perfect combination of crime and psychological thriller.

About the Author
Rachel Abbott began her career as an independent author in 2011, with Only the Innocent, which became a No.1 bestseller on Kindle, topping the chart for four weeks. Since then, she has published five further psychological thrillers, plus a novella, and sold over 2.75 million copies. She is one of the top-selling authors of all time in the UK Kindle store (published and self-published), and her novels have been translated into 21 languages. This is her first traditional publishing deal, though she’s been approached many times.

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About the book
So this is how it ends. It is clear to me now: one of us has to die.
Mark and Evie had a whirlwind romance. Evie brought Mark back to life after the sudden death of his first wife. Cleo, Mark’s sister, knows she should be happy for him. But Cleo doesn’t trust Evie...

When Evie starts having accidents at home, her friends grow concerned. Could Mark be causing her
injuries? Called out to their cliff-top house one night, Sergeant Stephanie King finds two bodies entangled on blood-drenched sheets.

Where does murder begin? When the knife is raised to strike, or before, at the first thought of violence? As the accused stands trial, the jury is forced to consider - is there ever a proper defence for murder?

And So It Begins is a darkly compulsive psychological thriller with all the hallmarks of a Rachel Abbott bestseller - a provocative dilemma, richly-layered mystery, knife-edge tension, and brilliant characterization.

Once is a coincidence, twice is a pattern. Mark and Evie have a seemingly happy relationship on the surface. They live in a fantastic house and are parents to a healthy beautiful baby. Everything is hunky-dory except for the dark cloud hanging over the house, because that's where Mark's first wife fell to her death.

Then there is Cleo, the obsessive and manipulative sister of Mark. The woman who hates all of his girlfriends, and Evie is no exception. Cleo loves Mark, Lulu and Cleo, of course.

As if it that wasn't enough to muddy the clear waters, Evie also suffers from an unfortunate proneness to accidents. Unfortunate in a sense that said accidents always seem to happen just after Mark has left for a business trip. Is there an abusive controlling man hidden behind the perfect exterior?

Cleo doesn't think so, in fact she vehemently denies any wrong-doing when it comes to Mark. She is willing to go to any length to keep him safe, coddled and wrapped up in a bubble of sisterly protection.

It's never quite clear who the guilty party is, even after one of the main characters meets an unfortunate end. Is there some element of self-defence? Did they deserve to meet the grim-reaper or is the inadvertent killer playing a double-game?

The entire story is filled with questions. Guilt isn't defined within the parameters of black and white borders. The grey areas are coloured with such a variety of shades that it is difficult to determine who the real villain is, which is the magic of this story, and it also creates the taut tension throughout.

This is without a doubt Abbott's best book yet. It is the perfect combination of crime and psychological thriller. I love the fact she always works to improve her craft in order to deliver a great read. It's full of twists and turns, nobody is free of doubt or guilt, which is what makes this such an excellent story, and one I highly recommend.

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Publisher: Wildfire (15 Nov. 2018)

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