Saturday, 4 August 2018

#BlogTour Deceit by Kerry Barnes

Today it's the last stop on the BlogTour for Deceit by Kerry Barnes. Get ready for a lot of lying and manipulation.

About the Author
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About the book
Someone’s watching you…
Living in a beautiful home on the edge of a council estate, Kara Bannon can’t imagine what it’s like to have nothing.

An eerie phone call plays on her mind and within three days she loses everything – her job, her home and Justin, the only person she thought she could trust.

Alone and terrified, she makes a decision that will change her life forever. Suddenly she has to enter a new world – Prison. Revenge is not always so sweet…

This is a tale of betrayal, manipulation and deceit. Kara has the perfect job, house and boyfriend. Her life seems to be well planned and executed, at least from the outside. Inside is a different matter. In reality her life is slowly crumbling like a piece of old bread.

In the blink of an eye everything goes from rocky to complete destruction. Her boyfriend decides to leave her and that is the beginning of the end. The very next day Kara ends up behind bars. Perfect life waves bye bye, as it disappears into the distance.

Let me just say that although her lawyer mounts an interesting defence and yes it is a valid defence, I still think her actions show a level of worryingly destructive behaviour. Not just an accident or an afterthought. It is a planned annihilation.

Both Kara and Justin are unaware that their every move is being manipulated by someone who has an invested interest in keeping them apart. Someone who is capable of lying about everything.

I just have to have a little moan about the part in the story that infuriated me the most. (Without giving anything away) When Justin decides he can not only swoop in and take what is rightfully 'his', when he did it with the support of the newbie - I wanted to slap him round the head.

I can imagine estate dwellers feeling a wee bit stereotyped in this book. Not that there aren't people who talk like that and swear a lot, and perhaps make up a large percentage of the prison population and or criminal element in the UK. There are also plenty who have careers and don't aspire to be the next inmate in their local prison.

I absolutely understand that the author wanted to point out how strong the connections are between the people who live in environments that are often low socio-economic areas, and how strong bonds can be forged in prison.

Barnes places all her players on the table where the readers can see them and then proceeds to play a game of screwed-up chess. The reader can see what is coming, but isn't able to predict everything because the author brings out the occasional twist in the story. It's an emotional psychological thriller.

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Publisher: HQ Digital
Pub. date: 1 August 2018

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