Monday 9 October 2017

Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

In this sixth part of the 'From Manhattan with Love' series we are introduced to the love interest of Harriet. If you've been following the series you will know that she is one half of the Bark Rangers, a dog-walking service run by twin sisters Harriet and Fliss.

Fliss has decided to rekindle her romance with her ex-hubby, and she has also decided to move to The Hamptons. This means Harriet has to get used to doing things by herself. She decides to set herself challenges, to do things she wouldn't normally have the courage to do.

During one of these challenges, which ends up not going to plan, she meets a handsome doctor. A few days later the two of them reconnect when he has difficulty taking care of a rather anxious dog.

Leaving aside the obvious love story this is also a tale about trust and feeling safe. Harriet has a lifetime of insecurities she has to deal with on a daily basis. The question is whether Ethan will make them worse or make her feel secure enough to overcome them.

We might need other people now and again, but every one of us needs to find our own inner strength to achieve our goals and find a wee bit of happiness in life.

In 2018 Sarah Morgan will be going in a slightly new direction, and taking all her readers with her, when she wanders into the more complex sub-genre of Women's Fiction. I am looking forward to this step forwards for Morgan, because it is long overdue in my opinion. It's time she got her teeth into something with a little more substance, to dig deeper and to shower readers with raw emotions, even the kind that don't always leave you feeling happy and content.

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