Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy

At first this felt like a spiel on the film Double Jeopardy, and then it turned pretty dark and a wee bit creepy.

Jodie is a stone cold killer. She deserves to be in prison serving out her prison sentence, or does she? Are the circumstances of the murder crystal clear? Personally I think Ethan got what he deserved.

Imagine you go to all that trouble of killing someone only to find that there is something screwy going on. Jodie finds a new lease on life and her need for vengeance is reignited after a visit from a down on his luck journalist.

Not only does his news turn her life around, it also sets her on a dangerous journey for the truth. What she discovers threatens to destroy her completely. Sometimes the truth is better left buried. In this case the deeper the better.

There are some rocks that should be left unturned, some truths that need not be spoken.

McCarthy certainly knows how to drive those nails into the coffin and give an extra twist of the knife. Her main character is strong and driven, and the plot is fast-paced with plenty of twists.
Quite a good read.

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