Tuesday, 8 September 2015

First One Missing by Tammy Cohen

I think I figured it out somewhere in the middle of the book. It was something that was said or perhaps just a specific gesture and I suddenly had this whole scenario in my head, but I thought it might be a little outlandish.

I have to give it to Cohen, it was certainly a really interesting plot and ending.

I'm not sure whether Megan's Angels is just a morbid extension of the extreme events. Is it really helping the parents or just making them tread water?

Much like the family liaison officers, who are assigned to each of the families. They are like odd family member nobody wants to see. It is their job to inform the families of new developments or in this case another murder. Of course then the families have to go through the whole events over and over again, which means they can't move on.

Not that you ever really move on from the death of a child, especially when it involves abduction and homicide. In this particular scenario questions of guilt are bounced around and suspicions grow where certain family members are concerned.

To complicate matters Leanne has let her personal life interfere with her professional one. I found her actions quite unprofessional and hard to swallow. Not only does she ignore vital evidence she also crosses the line of ethical behaviour.

Talking about unethical, Cohen really sheds a light on the behaviour of the press and media in these tragic situations. Reporters are willing to blackmail, lie, steal and betray anyone for a good story. They have no respect for the victims or those left behind.

If you're looking for a crime with a bit of a twist then this certainly delivers a big one.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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