Wednesday 29 July 2015

Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

Is it just me or has Tempe received a new lease on life? She seems so rejuvenated, full of energy and a lot like her younger self. She is a breath of fresh air and impulsiveness in this book.

Things also come to a head with Tempe and Ryan. If you read the last book Bones Never Lie you will remember just how difficult runaway Ryan was. Instead of seeking solace and comfort, he just up and left for the hills.

Huge kudos to Reichs for making a point of mentioning public domain books and materials. Just how much literature and art is the property of the public domain, hence owned by all of us, is still not known by many people. Literally a treasure trove of classics and academia to be read.

Tempe is drawn into the case of a young missing girl, except according to her parents she isn't missing, she is merely gone. An amateur sleuth has drawn her attention to a possible connection to the girl and the bones of an unidentified body.

Reichs has also given due attention to so-called websleuths. The groups of people, who dedicate their time to solving cold cases and matching unidentified bodies with names of victims. Whole blogs, websites and forums are dedicated to this particular past-time.

An understandable obsession, but unfortunately it can be a very competitive one. Some of these websleuths are more interested in recognition and fame, a subject Reichs also hits upon in this story, and the ones who inadvertently cause harm to real cases.
Speaking in Bones features a revitalised Tempe, a softer Ryan and a bunch of crazy religious zealots.

Oh, and bones, many bones. Once again a great read by Reichs.

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