Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Severed Streets by Paul Cornell

This is the second in the James Quill series.

I wasn't really keen on the beginning of the book, the few pages before the murder of the politician.

I found them a wee bit confusing and lacking clarity, which isn't always a good way to draw potential readers in.

Fortunately Cornell gets to the nitty-gritty darkness fairly quickly.

His Sci-Fi plot weaving is mixed with police procedural story-lines, which makes sense when you consider his background as a Dr. Who scribe. He also uses the historical backdrop and urban myths associated with London.

Cornell seems to enjoy the quagmire of despair, suffering and pain when it comes to his characters, especially the good guys. Lots of bleak moments for them unfortunately. Hopefully, as the series progresses some of them will get some lucky mojo come their way.

I know the fact he has Neil Gaiman play a role in his story is a bit of topic in reviewing circles, however I think it was more of a nudge nudge wink wink move,  perhaps because elements of the first James Quill book London Falling was compared to Gaiman's work.

It will be interesting to see where Cornell takes this series and his eclectic combination of genres.
I received a copy of this via NetGalley.

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