Sunday 13 July 2014

Windows of the Soulless by Olivia Owens

The author portrays the main character as someone who has two distinct personalities within him and he is fighting to control both. Each of those personalities is trying to gain the upper hand at all times.

One personality represents the humanity left within him. The person who doesn't want to kill and allows himself to show mercy towwards others. The other personality is the vampire, the hunter, the killer and the one that will destroy at the mere smell of blood.

Obviously this also means that the people who surround the main character are never quite sure who they are dealing with. It also explains how he can seem to be caring in one second and then utterly without a conscience the next minute.

I didn't feel this was about loving a person he is not allowed to have. For me it was about that fight within him. Depending on whether the ruthless part of him wins also dictates the fate of those he supposedly cares for.

At this point I would also like to say kudos to the author for the twist in the plot during the hospital melee. It was completely unexpected, both how it came about and the way it was planned.

The book takes a complete U turn about halfway through into a deeper plot involving shifters. The setting of the book is Germany during WWII so the inevitable German military villain turned up.

Whether it was done on purpose or not and I would to think yes, there was a certain element to the villain Ulrich. Without revealing a spoiler I think his experimentation and enjoyment of said experiments were a subtle reference to the sadism which was a huge part of the horror that took place during that era. All in the name of science, as they liked to say.

Overall this was both an entertaining and well written story.
I received a free copy of this book for my review.

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